Will DigPicz survive?

September 5, 2007

TechCrunch (and others) wonders if the recently launched DigPicz will be receiving a C&D letter from Digg’s lawyers.

This is an area nobody can know the answer for sure – you know, lawyers are lawyers – but from what we know, the math seems quite simple:

Since Digg will be rolling out their own pictures section, chances are that legal action won’t be happening at this time.

After Digg rolls out their pictures feature, chances are no C&D letter will still be sent… yet.

If, after the feature is rolled out DigPicz becomes a nuisance to Digg’s own pictures feature (unlikely), then Digg will most definitely take action. It may or may not be via a C&D letter, but some action from Digg will be expected.

Again, nobody from Digg has officially confirmed this (what are they nuts?), but it makes sense. The shorter version of the story is that at this point Digg doesn’t give a damn and they’re confident their own pictures feature will “bury” DigPicz as if it never existed.