is asking $150k

August 26, 2007

Remember Pligg – the site – went up for sale not long ago? Well, despite its bumpy road towards a sale, after the listing received amost 5,000 views, only 8 bids have been made, and apparently, none of them has been good enough for the current owners of the site, because one bidder told us that they are sending a counter-offer, asking for $150,000.

Overpriced? A steal? The point is, what’s for sale here is mainly a domain and a community of 10,000 users (no word about how many of them can be considered “active users”). Say the domain itself has a value of no more than $5,000 (and we feel that’s already generous), asking for $150k is pricing each member of the Pligg community just below $15 per user.

That’s not cheap.


6 Responses to “ is asking $150k”

  1. […] via […]

  2. […] SocialNews is reporting that the current asking price is $150,000 which might be more than it’s currently worth. Hey, make your best offer…who knows? Daily SitRep Archive […]

  3. Cannibal Says:

    150k is way too much for just a domain and community.

  4. MaryJo Says:

    You left out some very important facts about Pligg in your article witch would account for your figures being so off. First the domain receives over 3 million unique users per year putting the value at well over the 5 grand you originally stated in the article for the domain alone.
    The purchaser is also buying a brand name of the 4th most widely used content management system on the planet. Something like 2.2 million websites are now run by Pligg. Yet you feel that retains no value.

    Many successful business have been created by the means of pligg. You fail to see that if it wasn’t for Pligg, there wouldn’t be a VideoSift. There are also company’s popping up selling support and template design dedicated solely to Pligg. This in fact increases the value of the Pligg brand and is also overlooked in your article.

  5. […] there have been some reports cropping up on the web Social News Insider, that are reportedly asking for $150,000 dollars as their sale price, So far […]

  6. abraxas Says:

    pligg always will be opensource as it is a derivated work from meneame . The only improvement pligg has done ( if it could be say improvement because is slow as hell) is to integrate smarty template engine

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