for sale

August 12, 2007

Mashable reports that, the site that supports the favorite Social News CMS Pligg, is for sale on Sedo.

The minumum bid is $25,000 at this moment. But bidders beware. The CMS itself is not for sale. Only the domain, the software that runs the site and the community behind it (about 10,000 users) is. So what you’re bidding on is a business – or the chance to start one – that gives support to a Open Source CMS.

Would Digg buy it? Doubtful. Why would they need such a thing? Any other popular social news site? Also unlikely. How about the only competitor to Pligg I know of? It doesn’t make sense to me. Some media outlet? Why would they need a developer community site? The most valuable asset of this whole thing is the software itself, precisely the only thing that’s not for sale.

Am I worried that the winning bidder may be someone who actually believe they’re purchasing the software itself? You bet! Hopefully the winning bidder will be someone who knows what they’re doing and with experience running a developer oriented website, but there are many idiots out there loaded with cash and anything could happen.


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